What is New Thought?

What is New Thought?

A Brief Description of New Thought

Perhaps William James summed it up best when he wrote:

“It is a deliberately optimistic scheme of life, with both a speculative and practical side… the conquering efficacy of courage, hope, and trust… Their belief has in a general way been corroborated by the practical experience… and this experience forms to-day a mass imposing in amount.”

Fundamental Principles at of New Thought are:

  • True Human self-hood is divine

  • There is an omni-present intelligent Force working at all times

  • This Omni-present force (often called – ‘Infinite intelligence’) is a positive force for good

  • As Human beings we are able to become ‘attuned’ with this force

  • Aligning with the Universal Force has a healing, and prosperous effect

What sets New Thought apart from other ideologies is the notion that, “True Human self-hood is divine”. Most major world religions believe that their is an all (or near all) powerful force at work in the Universe and teach various methods for aligning oneself with that force.

What makes it New Thought “New” is the idea that “We are all born in original goodness and the divine force of the universe is inherently a force of good, love, and benevolence.” Truth be told, this isn’t really a new idea at all. But since two of the world’s major religions expose Original Sin and Suffering it’s easy to see where the notion of ‘Newness’ came about.

For Perspective’s Sake:

  • The Buddha taught of the ‘bad’ suffering nature of life: “Life is Suffering, to live is to suffer” (The First Noble Truth of the Buddha)

  • Modern Christianity teaches of a Wrathful God and ‘Original Sin’, “I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers…” Exodus 20:5

New Thought takes a different spin on this most basic of all principles and adherents believe in Original Goodness and that goodness is the inherent nature of all beings and things.

The Movement & The Principles

The New Thought Movement has over 10 million practitioners and over 800 centers worldwide! People all over the world dedicated to experiencing life as Inherently Blessed, sharing and bringing as much goodness into the world as each one is able.

Here at IN-TLC we make no dogmatic distinctions, instead, we seek to provide resources, tools, and practical techniques which can be used by anyone wishing to improve their ability to bring more goodness into the world…

To best serve this purpose, it helps to make a clear distinction between the New Thought Movement and the New Thought Concepts and Principles themselves.

The Two Histories

New Thought has two histories - A Modern History, and its Antiquarian Origins. It’s modern history is a convoluted cavalcade of ‘Proprietorshipistic Squabbling’ and ‘fervent one-upmanship’ so delightfully out of tune with it’s origins and principles that it would take Shakespeare himself to do it any worthy justice as a historian…

Since Shakespeare’s dead and all, you’ll have to settle for my “The Modern History of the New Thought Movement” It’s a rich history filled with flavorful characters, betrayal, scandal, and benevolence… It’s easy to see why it’s become such a media darling…

Regardless of the modern pomp, the principles and ideology behind New Thought are strongly rooted in Antiquity. Predating Original Sin by many thousands of years. For my two cents, I prefer to stick with the roots of things and leave the leafs for the giraffes: “Ancient Origins of New Thought”

…and you may be interested to know that “Thought” and “Truth” share the same ancient origin… and that 5 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world were built by the Ancient New Thought Practitioners…

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