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Are you ready to stop waiting and start creating ?

From: M.Daniel Walsh, aka “Windwalker the Billion Dollar Shaman
 From his opulent cave-office overlooking Lake Michigan…


…and “Welcome to the International New Thought Learning Center!”

The New Thought Movement has caused quite a stir of attention lately, and being home to the“Most Accomplished Laws of Success Instructor Living Today”, our little ‘ole learning center is experiencing a flood of strangers stopping by to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s the deal:

New Thought is the Classic Wisdom of the Ancients
for getting lasting results in ANY situation.

We all want basically the same things in life Love, Health, and Prosperity and most of us want to get them with Sincerity, Integrity, and Dignity…

…and when there’s too much at Stake to take risks with “New Technologies of the Mind” we return to the proven classical techniques and their thousands of years of getting real results… Because when it comes down to actually sharing the Love, Beauty, and Wisdom that you are…

Nothing compares to the “Classical” Techniques and Methods.

The New Thought has always been: Stick with what works the best.

That’s what the New Thought Learning Center is here for, to strip away the non-sensical promises, false pretenses, and utter hogwash and distill it all down to practical tools for creating the most GOOD possible, for the most possible people.

You really can:

  • Experience Life as a DREAM come True in Every Waking Moment (…if your dream includes creating good in the world, the techniques will handle the rest)

  • Dynamically manifest anything you ever hoped for (…as long as what you want is of benefit to others, these methods will insist you get it)

  • Celebrate the sense of purpose, sincerity, and passion which only comes from bringing joy and love into the lives of others… (In just one short exercise you’ll confidently uncover your own unique purpose in life )

It all comes down to this: The shortest path to Love, Respect, Admiration, and Riches is the path of becoming a truly excellent human being. Here in the real world, what you receive will always be a DIRECT RESULT of what you give.

The New Thought Essentials are all about learning to give and create more good in the world than you ever thought possible. Good intentions are a start, Good Results are an Art.

15 years of working with nearly 4 million people from all over the world, and generating over $1 billion dollars in real world world success using these techniques, has shown me the way to present them in a simple, straight forward, practical approach that ANYONE can begin using right away.

So if you’re ready to get started Experiencing Life at your Best, then…

Welcome to the International New Thought Learning Center!

Yes, Daniel! I Want To Learn the Classical Techniques
for Building Dreams Come True…

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