New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

The 3 Basic Steps To Transform Underperforming Dreams Into “Stand Back — The Floodgates Are Finally Open”

From: M. Daniel Walsh aka.Windwalker “The Billion Dollar Shaman”

Hi there and welcome to Day Two of the New Thought Practical’s Mini Strategy School. Today I thought I’d start out by explaining that whole “Billion Dollar Shaman” thing. But first, let me say this: I never set out to become a Shaman, and I never set out to break the Billion Dollar barrier.

The two things sort of happened as side effects of embracing my truth. Here’s how it all happened: I was studying monastic Kung Fu pretty seriously for a number of years, shaved head, renounced lifestyle, the whole bit. After a good long while I was given the chance to try and become the student of Master Si Fu Schu Shang Va, a pretty well respected carrier of a an ancient Shaolin lineage.

Getting accepted as his student sort of changed everything for me, he forced me to challenge all my assumptions and understandings of pretty much everything. See, aside from his being a world renowned Kung Fu Master, he was also a 14th Generation Shaman.

Flash forward… Master Va was all about: “Discovering and Purifying your Highest Truth.” He taught us that it isn’t enough to merely step into your truth and embrace it, you have to actively try and improve yourself and your situation by actively serving everyone around you.

The World’s Shaman

Somehow, and I’m not really sure how, I was gained an audience with a man known all over the world as, “The World’s Shaman”. Opportunity is often like that, it comes in inexplicable ways.

The World’s Shaman was sort of on another level from anything I had ever experienced before. 27th Generation Shaman, Harvard Phd, and United Nations Representative for Indigenous people he was (he’s no longer living) one of the most impressive beings I ever met…

While Master Va had challenged me to see things in a new way, The World’s Shaman shattered me… Shattered my perceptions of reality utterly.

He made me a deal, he would take me as his personal apprentice and teach me the Ancient Secrets of Dreaming Outloud if I agreed to not cut my hair and write a book sharing these secrets with the world…

I agreed, but on one condition: I would first need to prove the principles in the real world.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

The Billion Dollar Test

For perspective’s sake, try to understand that I was a renunciate at that time. I owned nothing, literally nothing. As part of the Shaolin Vows I claimed ownership to nothing whatsoever and would literally give away anything I had to anyone who asked…

It’s a very liberating way to live, but as the Shaman would show me:

“Through Personal Abundance we may
better serve more people.”

What he was trying to get across to me was that in order to truly serve humanity in big ways, I had to step out of renunciation and step into responsibility.

So starting with nothing more than a backpack, a spoon, a bowl, a flute, a pillow, and three changes of clothes I left the woods and hitched a ride from a friend to San Francisco, California…

It’s worth mentioning here that as the apprentice of such a well known Shaman, people tend to give you lots of gifts. Over the years I had collected some pretty amazing musical instruments in my little teepee (yes I was living in a teepee) which I then sold to raise enough money for two weeks rent, 5 pounds of peanut butter, 2 pounds of brown sugar, 1 pound of coffee and still have $3.63 left over.

So with no connections, no job, no money (I spent the $3.63 on a bowl of oatmeal w/tip at a cafe) I set out to prove the Shamanic Techniques for Bringing Dreams to life in the real world, the techniques for Dreaming Outloud…

Oh yeah, the year was 2001, the year of the Dot Com bust and San Francisco was having it’s biggest economic crisis since the great depression with its highest unemployment rates ever. Jobs were scarce and the competition for even a minimum wage job was hundreds of people…

But none of that mattered to me because according to the Master Shaman all I would need to do is dream up whatever I wanted and bring it to life in the real world using the lessons he had taught me. The bigger the dream the better…

The Billion Dollar Test Results

I’d like to say it was easy, but it wasn’t. I still remember when the last of the peanut butter and brown sugar ran out (you can survive for a pretty long time on nothing more than peanut butter and brown sugar, but when they’re gone, they’re gone…) Fortunately the coffee outlasted the peanut butter by about a week, and that week was all I needed to get the ball rolling.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

I say that week was all I needed, but what I should say is that it was all I needed to earn enough money to buy some more peanut butter… I wasn’t all that good at dreaming outloud at first, my dream was basically, “Get more peanut butter!”

Don’t despair. That tiny success was all I needed to start the avalanche. The story of the next six months is a hard one to believe, so I’ll skip to the results and leave the story for another time…

Within six months I was the Executive Director of a Staff of 60 people and overseeing over a million dollars per day. Within a year those numbers had doubled and over Two Million Dollars per day passed through my hands, long shaggy hair and all…

By the end of just two short years I had created 30,000 jobs and raised One Billion Two Hundred and Fourteen Million Dollars all for public schools, and I wasn’t even 30 years old yet…

The Proof & The Pudding

I enjoy theories and philosophies, but nothing compares to good old fashioned real world proof. The Master Shaman had given me seemingly obscure, esoteric and ancient wisdom’s claiming that these were the same techniques used to build the pyramids, to found civilizations, and to establish culture itself. He described to me a place where Dreams and Reality meet and the creative force of our imaginations materializes rapidly, sometimes instantly into the world all around us.

I proved what he taught me was real when I went from penniless and clueless to raising over a billion dollars for California’s struggling public schools in less months than I have fingers and toes. I was after proof of what he taught me, and once I got it I left my career, huge salary, and fancy clothes behind (I did keep the Ferragamo’s) and headed back to my teepee in the woods to write it all down…

Somewhere along the way, one of the elders started calling me ‘The Windwalker’ because of my penchant for being in the right place at the right time. He said, “That one there, he walks with the wind, no worries about him…” A few folks heard about the story (the tinted out black benz was a tad conspicuous parked down the hill from my teepee) and started calling me, “The Billion Dollar Shaman” sort of a play on that “Million Dollar Man” thing I guess…

So that’s the story behind why folks call me: “Windwalker, The Billion Dollar Shaman”. I never set out to become a Shaman, and I never set out to raise a Billion Dollars. Truth is funny like that, once you step into it, the currents seem to carry you to bigger dreams than you ever thought possible.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

Your Turn

There are 3 fundamental techniques I used to bring that dream to life. These are surprisingly simple to learn and to use, yet powerful enough to help even Super Achievers break out of their ruts, re-set their sites, and get back on track in a matter of seconds. Today I’m going to be teaching you the First of those three techniques called: CUA - The Master Tactic…

To begin with, I want to reveal a little secret known by all Super Achievers:

A poorly planned adventure sent off
in the right spirit
will outperform a brilliantly-planned effort
set off with a bad attitude.

Seems simple, right? But I see countless people stagger through this very same mistake repeatedly because…

…their dreams don’t fulfill other people’s dreams.

The right spirit always means to find a path where your wants: Serve, Foster, and Nourish the people around you. The wrong spirit means to place your own self interest above the interests of the greater good. You can, and should do things in your own self interest, it’s important to fulfill your own dreams and tend to your own needs. But not at the expense of the people around you.

It’s really simple when you think about it: If your dream benefits the people around you, they will support your dream. If your dream diminishes or harms the people around you in any way, they will oppose and hinder your dream.

Which would you choose: Have everyone help and support you? - or - Have everyone oppose and try to stop you?

Here’s the pre-lesson basic: Don’t set out to accomplish something that only benefits you. In fact, anytime you are determined to create or manifest anything, the first thing you should try to figure out is:

“How will this benefit others?”

Remember, you want to achieve your goals, not spend years trying and failing. You might be setting out to accomplish something no one else has ever done, that’s great! But no matter what your dream is, you’ll need to be able to see it in terms of how it benefits others. Then, and only then can you be sure of getting support instead of opposition along the way.

Okay, you’ve got the pre-lesson basic, now let’s get to the technique…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

CUA: Clarify – Unify - Amplify

That’s all we’re looking at right now. Three simple steps to manifesting everything and anything you ever wanted. Your dream life (or any specific dream you may have) is an Ethereal thing. Ethereal means that it isn’t solid, it exists as an idea or a vision that you want to make solid in the real world.

When we speak of “Dreaming Outloud” what we’re referring to is taking that dream out of your head and gradually making it louder and clearer until it is 100% solid and real in the world around you.

Turning a dream or idea into something tangible in the real world is done by completing these three simple steps over and over. UNDERSTAND that it’s EXACTLY these three steps repeated countless times. Don’t over complicate this by adding extra steps!

The CUA Master Tactic: Explained

The beauty of this tactic is its perfection and cyclical nature. Each of the three steps work seamlessly together to make a dream louder, clearer, and bigger with each time the cycle passes. Complete the cycle enough times and you can create anything!

  • Step One: Clarify - Get Clear on what your after. Clarity is going to be your #1 best friend on the journey towards making your dreams come true. You’ll need to clearly know what you are trying to accomplish, and actively get clearer with each passing CUA cycle .

  • Step Two: Unify - Get rid of all other options. You’ll need to be first get clear, then internally united, then united with as many other people around you as possible. To do this you’ll need to remove the jagged edges and make a singular (unified) decision.

  • Step-Three: Amplify - Do anything you can think of to make it more solid and real. Each pass of the cycle takes this up one level until the dream is a full fledged reality. Amplification refers to making it more tangible and real, whatever that means at the time.

This cycle is simple, and works because you are making your dream louder and clearer each time you complete the cycle. Complete it enough times and that idea which once lived only in your head will now live in the world all around you. But there are a few stumbling blocks which seem to trip people up time and time again…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

Clarify – Unify – Amplify: First Stumbling Block…

Over the years I’ve done several thousand one on one sessions with people. If I can get them saying, “Clarify, Unify, Amplify” over and over to themselves then I know they are going to be able to accomplish anything. Anytime you get stuck, let that little saying, “Clarify, Unify, Amplify” play over and over in your head until you can figure out where you’re stuck.

People mostly get stuck on – AMPLIFY.

It’s actually easier than you might think, but the problem is that most people want to make the jumps too big and can’t see the value in small amplifications. Since huge jumps almost never work and they don’t want to make the small amplifications necessary for the cycle to do its thing, they dive straight into the land of NOTHING GETS DONEVILLE!!!

People like to talk about their dreams and think that’s a step towards amplifying them. Talking about things is important, but it’s part of Unification not Amplification…

Clarify – Unify – Amplify: A Real World Example

In this example I’m going to put the focus on the Amplification step because that’s where almost everyone needs the most work. The thing that confuses people is that Each Amplification can be really small.

As long as you make your dream somehow more tangible in the real world with every pass of the cycle you’re headed in the right direction. I know a guy who launched a multi-million dollar business off of a diagram he drew on a cocktail napkin!

Let’s look at how he used the CUA Master Tactic. The drawing on the cocktail napkin was his simple first step amplification… From there he wrote a full business plan (clarification, unification, and amplification in one step!) When had a clear plan he thought up a name for his new business (another clarification) and had a logo designed (amplification)…

With the logo and name on the plan he was starting to look and feel professional. He got some friends to read his business plan (unification) and they helped him make a drawing of the planned prototype product (the drawing is the next amplification)…

From the drawing they made a scale model (another amplification), from the model they got clearer on what the final would be (clarification) and started getting excited about it (unification)…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

From the excitement they were able to raise some money (the money is resource amplification), then used the money to get an office space (another amplification)… In the new office they drafted the final design for the product (clarification, unification, and amplification all together).

From the clear drawing - blueprint - they then produced the first actual units (amplification)… They used these first units to secure their first big orders (unification with others), then produced and delivered them (big amplification)

That was a real example right there… Two years later and Ryan’s business is doing over $10 million dollars in sales per year. He still has his ‘Million Dollar’ napkin in a picture frame on his wall. In a matter of months he transformed his dream into a real life Dream Come True by following these simple three steps over and over one amplification after another until what was once only inside his head now surrounded him in real life.

Amplification is almost always simpler than you think, from drawing something on a napkin, cutting out pictures, making a vision board, writing a plan, making a design, making a model, making a bigger model, the dream just gets bigger and clearer until it is a full on true to life dream come true…

That’s It For Today

The CUA Technique is the Master Tactic for bringing dreams to life so I have literally thousands of examples of it from my life and lives of the people I’ve worked with. I’ve often considered writing an entire book just about this one technique! But this is the mini-course and I’m trying to keep these lessons short and sweet so that’s all for today.

However, on Day Six of the Mini-Course, after you get a few more techniques under your belt, I’m going to show you some practical examples of this technique in action so you can see how it ties together with the other techniques you’re going to be getting.

Plus, on Day Five I’m going to be giving you the Synergy Multiplier which will act like a super charger on all these techniques so I want to make sure you understand how to use that before we get to more examples of this stuff in action (hands on the steering wheel before stepping on the gas pedal right?)

Tomorrow’s Lesson

Before we ramp it up another level I want to make sure and you aren’t getting caught by the single biggest mistake being taught in Personal Development and Success Coaching all over the world today. Almost everyone in this industry has the best intentions and is doing there best, but somewhere, somehow, somebody got a core concept wrong and Success Coaches all over the world latched on and started teaching that travesty to their students.

It’s the whole industry’s greatest embarrassment right now and it’s literally ruining the lives of good intentioned, good hearted people locking them into a situation where they have no chance of getting the results they are after, no matter how hard they try.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #2:

Tomorrow I’m going to show you what it is, what the top 5 success instructors in the world are doing to try and fix it, and how you can make sure that it isn’t crippling your chances of transforming your life into the Living Dream Come True you deserve…

So until tomorrow, don’t wait another second, just get started and:


I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Until Tomorrow, as always…

“Know thyself, and to thine own self be cool…”


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