Good Intentions are a Great Start
      Great Results ARE an Ancient Art…

"Seven Powerful
Techniques for Turning Dreams Into Realities!"

"…Because Most People Are Far Too Busy Inventing Excuses To Use What Actually Works!"

Admittedly, this isn't for everyone.

Some people would rather spend their time trying hard and coming up short instead of using the proven techniques of the ancients that still hold the keys to unlocking the living dream come true.

But if you’re ready to stop waiting
and start creating, then…

…I’m ready to open the door opportunities’ been knocking on, and hold that door open while you walk through, and get comfortable with the idea of experiencing your life as a living dream come true…

It’s never been easier then it is right now!

These techniques took over 5,000 years of tried and true testing by whole generations of Ancient Sages before they were ready to be put into your hands.

Your Life is too Important to take risks with “New Technologies of the Mind”. Because when it comes down to actually sharing the Love, Beauty, and Wisdom that you are…

Nothing compares to the “Classical Techniques and Ancient Methods.”

…and do you know what actually works the best in the real world?

“Sincerity… Humility… Love… Integrity… Equality…
and always striving to create the most good
for the most people possible”

The Quick Start 7 is designed to help you accomplish these things with the least resistance possible by presenting you with the Seven Specific Tools proven to be the most effective, efficient, easiest to learn and quickest to apply…

Consider this:
Clients Eagerly Pay Me $500/hr For My Services.

When I first submitted The Quick Start 7 to publishers, they immediately wrote me a check for over 33 thousand dollars as an advance to complete the rest of the series! Why? Because it’s just that good…

About the author:

  • Windwalker is one of Only 5 people in the whole world to have reached the billion dollar plateau before the age of thirty

  • A delegate to the World Indigenous People’s Conference in 1999

  • Owns a home his wife and family built together in Northern Michigan (Mortgage Free)

  • He was appointed by the South Korean Government as a Language Director for the National English Language Curriculum

  • He Proposed and Built America’s most famous Yoga School in beautiful Napa Valley California

  • His client roster includes celebrities, professional athletes, CEO’s, City Councils, and 3 of the top 10 Fortune 500 Companies

  • A World Recognized Scholar in the Shamanic Healing Arts

This is the exact same edition the publishers went crazy for calling it, “A Groundbreaking Achievement in the World of Personal Development” made available to the general public for the first time ever!

What’s Inside Your Copy of
"The Quick Start 7"

  • Simple Techniques to Remove All fear of Failure

  • The Science Behind the Physics of Bringing Dreams to Life

  • The Basic Questions that Can Snap you out of Rut and Into Clear Focus

  • Time Tested Three Step Formula for Getting the Most Results From Every Effort

  • Tried and True Techniques for Transforming Spiritual Intentions into the Material World

  • The Truth Behind the Laws of Attraction (and why 90% of LOA teachers have it dead backwards!)

  • The Only Two Techniques that Ever Existed for Making Changes in the real World

  • The Single Fundamental Principle Guiding Everything in Your Life

  • How to harness the Force of Your Personal Consciousness

  • Healing the Basic Illnesses of the Human Soul

  • The Four Step Short-Cut for Manifesting Anything

  • How to Align with the Universal Force to Amplify Your Every Effort

  • Overcoming Distractions with the Power of Integrity

  • Finding Harmony within the Collective Force of Social Consciousness

Nothing Complex, Nothing Fancy.
Just 7 Practical Tools to For Building Your Life Into a Living Dream Come True.

It ALL Comes Down to This…

The Quick Start 7 is a Soul Healing Manual composed of tools for amplifying the good that’s inside of you and creating more good in the world then you ever thought possible.

15 years of working with nearly 4 million people from all over the world, and generating over $1 billion dollars in real world world success using these techniques, has earned me the right to be called “The Billion Dollar Shaman, Most Successful Laws of Success Instructor on the Planet” and has shown me the way to teach these tools in a straight forward, practical manner that ANYONE can begin using right away.

Quickly You’ll:

  • Remove blockages and begin Expressing your Natural Radiance and Beauty. The ancients believed we are all naturally glorious and left us the techniques for revealing that inner beauty to the rest of the world…

  • Build Confidence and Enthusiasm About Transforming Your Life into a Living Dream Come True (no matter how far of target your efforts may have been in the past)…

  • Experience True Sincerity and Absolute Integrity (self doubt will fall away with amazing speed as you uncover the beauty within you for all the rest of us to see)…

  • Engorge your Heart with massive amounts of fresh Love (for yourself and for everyone else, no matter how dismal things may have been in the past)…

  • Crush your INNER DEMONS (even if you’re competing against an Attila the Hun of self denial)…

And it doesn’t matter where you’re at in life, how old, how young, or how successful you already are.

Just get straight on this fact:  Your life will start to take off… Once you stop waiting and start creating. The Time Tested Techniques of the Ancients are here to help you do just that….

So if you’re ready to get started Experiencing Life as a Living Dream Come True, then…

- Guaranteed To Improve Your Life -
     Or I Will Buy It Back At Full Price!

I have built my worldwide multi-million dollar reputation on just one phrase:

“He Exceeded My Expectations in Every Way”

…and I will prove it to you by letting you be the judge… I’ll trust you to make the call, no questions asked, no explanation needed.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, if I’ve let you down in anyway whatsoever, then I will buy the materials back from you at the full price you paid.

I’ll even give you sixty days to make up your mind. Moreover, you won’t ever even need to return the materials, or explain yourself… No Questions asked…

Now how’s that for a Guarantee?

I’ll trust you to do the right thing, the same way I have trusted 1,000’s and 1,000’s of others before you… But here’s a little secret between you and me, Almost no one ever returns my materials for any reason. In fact, you are dramatically more likely to shop with us again than you are to request a refund!

The Ultimate Dream Building Approach

You Really Can:

  • Experience Life as a DREAM come True in Every Waking Moment (…if you have an ounce of courage inside you, these techniques will handle the rest)

  • Dynamically manifest anything you ever hoped for (…you’re going to learn how to unite your desires with others wishes and when that occurs, the floodgates of the living dream come true spring open with astounding speed and ease!)

  • Celebrate the sense of purpose, sincerity, and passion which only comes from bringing joy and love into the lives of others… (In just one short exercise you’ll confidently uncover your own unique purpose in life )

  • To be clear about what your getting into: The shortest path to Love, Respect, Admiration, and Riches is the path of being a truly excellent human being. Here in the real world, what you receive will always be a DIRECT RESULT of what you give.

    The Quick Start 7 are all about learning to give and create more good in the world than you ever thought possible. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny bit of guidance from a World Caliber Dream Builder and Good Intentions become Unstuck opening the floodgates to great results…

    Good Intentions are a Great Start, Great Results are an Ancient Art.

    So if you’re serious about Experiencing Life at your Best, then…

    …aren’t you worth a little guidance from a 28th Generation Master Shaman known worldwide as The Most Proven Success Coach Living Today ?

    It Only Takes ONE…

    QUICK START 7 Complete Original Edition

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    Easy as 1-2-3 !!

    This is for all those people who have been eagerly encouraging me (insisting) that I make these lessons available to the whole world… Thanks for supporting my Living Dream Come true

    All My Best Regards,

    P.S. One more thing…

    My publishers and I are getting ready to rock the world of with set products unlike anything you’ve ever seen before… Everything I’ve done in the past was available only in hardcopy versions, this downloadable version is limited test and may pulled at anytime without notice… (All Guarantees will still be honored, but the downloadable version is a limited time special offer)…

    “Yes, Please, I want my copy of the Quick Start 7 NOW”


    P.P.S. Also worth mentioning…

    I don’t particularly like that limited time offer thing, but I wanted you to know the truth of what is going on here… If my publishers decide we only release the hardcopy editions, then so it goes… Any good living dream involves others, and they’re part of mine!

    To be clear about this: The company and the products will still be here (our parent company is really well established), but we might pull the downloadable editions at anytime…

    No hard sell here! Just want to honest about what’s going on behind the scenes!

    “Enough Already, Give me my copy of the Quick Start 7 Original Edition NOW!!!”

    So c’mon…

    It’s time to take that first step…

    You’ll never find a better deal on this amazing book than right now!

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    ** We may be contacted via our contact form at: Support at New Thought Center or via email at: We will respond within one business day.

    *** Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor in life, the results you get will depend largely on your efforts and circumstances. While we cannot guarantee that you will get the results you are after, we instead guarantee your satisfaction with this product by promising you a full and complete refund if it does not meet or exceed your expectations for any reason whatsoever.

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