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The Master Shaman made me a deal - He said he’d give me the ‘Secret Keys to Dreaming Outloud’ if I would agree to:

  • 1. Test and Prove them in the real world while keeping a record everything I did.
  • 2. Write a book and share these ancient methods with people all over the world.
  • 3. Forsake cutting my hair

I used these techniques to create over 30,000 jobs, build over 20 public schools, get the house of my dreams, wife of my dreams, become one of only 5 people on the entire planet to reach the billion dollar plateau before the age of 30 and too much more to even mention.

Now, I’m preparing to fulfill my part of the bargain and share these methods with the whole world. I’ve reduced these lessons and techniques into a simple, step by step 3 module system anyone can use in any situation…

…and I’m almost ready to release it to the world. But not quite yet! For now, to tide you over while I put the finishing touches on the the Complete Essentials Course, I’d like to GIVE you the Practical’s Mini-Course for free… Just enter your name and email address in the boxes below and you’ll be emailed the Practicals Mini-Course Immediately…

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