New Thought Concept

The New Thought Concept

Understand What the new thought Concept Is all About

Let’s make a distinction here between the New Thought Movement, New Thought Definition, New Thought Principles, and lastly the New Thought Concepts.

Making the Distinctions: Social movements are very organic things, they just sort of happen as people come together with a variety of shared beliefs called a paradigm. Now, paradigms are fairly loose things, often defying concrete definitions. Most of the time, as in the New Thought Movement, the movement is sparked by an assortment of characters expounding and exposing distinct yet similar beliefs (paradigms) usually with commonly held elements.

It is these common elements we’re after here, the Core New Thought Concepts. The reason we need to make the distinction is because the New Thought Movement, like most other social movements has a tendency to both congeal, and defy congealment. Here’s what I mean, organizations like INTA (International New thought Alliance), AGNT (Association for Global New Thought), and ANTN (Affiliated New Thought Organization) all naturally emerge and seek to take hold of the centralizing body of the movement. Each organization seeks to be a hub for the 1,000’s of smaller groups and centers spread throughout the world and present a common, Unified face to the global community.

As always, as in any movement, most of these groups have some loyalty to a certain brand of the core concepts, and when issuing a Declaration of Principles this partisanship emerges. This is all very natural and happens in any movement of sufficient size and inertia…

The problem inherent with this is that with so many groups attempting to present a common voice, there is a definite tendency for the static to overwhelm the concept…

So in this essay we are going to be looking at the commonalities in these different voices, som of the terminology common to them all, and call this: “The New Thought Concept and Terminology” cautiously avoiding treading on the toes of the half dozen “New Thought Declarations of Principles”…

Core Concept One: Universal Spirituality and Divine Goodness

While there is no unified New Thought belief system, a core among them all is the notion that there is a omni-present divine force of goodness pervasive though all things and people. Some expound the idea of omnipotent, others do not. However in nearly all New Thought schools of the thought the concepts of ‘pervasive’ and ‘inherent goodness’ are cornerstones.

Core Concept Two: The ability to align with this divine force

The second core concept is that we, as humans have the innate ability to harmonize and align with this divine force of goodness. Various schools within the New Thought Movement disagree as to how far the implications of this alignment and harmonization reach. Both fairly universal is the idea that: Health, Prosperity, and Love are all possible through this aligning and harmonizing. Extremist’s within the Movement hold that any sort of healing (including cancer and AIDS) can be accomplished with this alignment, and fantastic riches, beauty, and accomplish are also possible.

While the various proponents do not agree as to the limits of the results, they do all tend to agree that aligning and harmonizing with this divine force is essentially life’s greatest reward and the source of most, if not all lasting happiness.

That’s it. Add anything and you add the potential for disagreement. Those two core concepts form the cornerstone of the movement and I say with confidence, “Are held in common by at least 95% of New Thought Proponents.”

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