New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

“How to Start Building Momentum NOW… And Get Your Detractors On Your Side Ethically and Easily.”

From: Windwalker
 “The Billion Dollar Shaman”


Hey, it’s already Day 5 of the mini-course and your life still hasn’t become a living Dream come true yet has it?

Do you know where your dream is?

Because of sheer lack of savvy, entire populations of people with great intentions get stuck in the mud spinning their wheels unable to ever gain the traction they need to suddenly break the restraints and get the flow going in their favor.

The biggest problem I see, and I see it over and over, is:

“I don’t know where to begin”

I’d say in the thousands of one to one sessions I’ve done over the years, everyone has a problem, everyone has something they’d like to change or improve and nearly everyone doesn’t know where to begin…

Yes, this is insane. But it’s the single most common problem everyone faces.

Why? Because it “seems” to make sense to people. After all “everybody does it.” It’s what the Chinese Monks call “invisible robbery”, and there isn’t an police officer in the world who will protect you from it.

Here’s what happens: Let’s say, you’re dream is to own your own home… But that seems like massive unreachable dream for many people… So they get stuck… Then, for whatever reason, nothing happens.


And isn’t just the common dream of living rent free, it’s all sorts of dreams that nearly always seem to be “To big to be possible” that stop people dead in their tracks…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

Here’s the two most common ways this plays out in people’s lives:

1st way: The dream isn’t clear, definite, or exact. People don’t know for sure what they want, and therefore don’t know how to go about getting it…

2nd Way: The dream seems too big and folks simply can’t identify the smallest, let alone any increment of success to take action on!

So far in the Mini-Strategies School we went over two massive tools you can use:

  • Clarify – Unify – Amplify: Where you learned to get Clear about your dream, Unify your intentions by removing options and forming alliances, and then Amplify (make it solid, bigger, louder, more tangible) over and over…

  • Identify the smallest Increment of Success: Means to find the building block and start making it. Every major success is composed of 1,000’s of smaller ones, we need to identify the ones we’re sure we can manage, and then do them!

Great! With those two tools alone you can build pyramids! But what if you you’re still stuck?

Like I said, there’s two reasons you can get stuck: Either you aren’t clear about what your dream is, or you are having trouble figuring out what the smallest increment of success is…

Here’s the good new… There’s a simple solution that’s gonna solve both those problems in a single fell swoop! It’s called the O.A.R.S. technique and it’s about as different as being in a raft without an oars (drifting at the mercy of the currents) and having having a paddle you can use to determine where you’re going and what you’ll see… But, accept this fact:

A Step in the Wrong Direction is Still a Step!

And as long as you use the O.A.R.S. method even a step in the wrong direction will get you closer to your dream, even if you aren’t clear about what your dream is!!!!

You know what I teach all my clients to do? It’s simple: Visualize the Outcome they desire, take Action towards it, Review the results, Start over…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

So instead of a focusing energy on trying to get overly clear on your vision or your path, or spending endless energy trying to whittle down to the perfect increment of success, you now just (for a moment only) see the outcome you desire (big or small), then take any action towards it…

Any Action At All (the super secret 4A technique)…

That’s right - Any Action At All actually raises the bar to a whole new level… It’s like when someone throws in a free t-shirt or something else like that (I don’t actually include a free t-shirt, maybe I should?) It’s the super power bonus technique that separates the people living their dream come true from the also-rans…

What’s an also-ran? It’s a racing term, for all the people who didn’t make it into the top 10, or top 100 (depends how many people were in the race), it’s said “They also-ran in the race”…

Which would you prefer? Accomplish you’re living dream come true, or become an also-ran?

Let me be a bit harsh here for moment would you? Skip this paragraph if you don’t want me to be harsh… But it’s like this, after working with me people naturally split into three groups, get three types of results, and identify with three phrases:

  • Group One: The Winners - Used the techniques and turned their lives into a living dream come true. They say, “Windwalker presents the ancients techniques in a way that’s fresh, easy to use, and simple to learn… I was amazed at how fast things started to happen once I applied the methods.”

  • Group Two – The Watchers: Didn’t use the techniques, but knew in their heart they were getting the real deal good stuff… They say, “I know I could do it, but right now I’m just preoccupied with…” (there’s a lot of hope for these folks because when the see past their own excuses and try just one technique, the real world results they get will open the flood gates for them!)

  • Group Three – The Meanies: Didn’t try the techniques, didn’t even read the materials, but came up with 10,000 reasons they believe none of it will work, and they say, “I hate everyone, and everyone hates me,” or something similar to that…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

This gets us to the second part of today’s lesson (don’t worry, we’ll be getting clearer on the first part in just a sec)… What can you do about The Meanies? I know you know what I’m talking about, and I know you know a few of them…

The Meanies are the people who put down EVERYTHING. They are the ones who make fun of other people, who find the flaw in anything they see… You’re here learning to turn dreams into reality and that’s the meanies favoritist target, they LOVE to cut down hope wherever they see it.

If you don’t have at least one of them in your life, you are really missing out. They are some of the most consistent and predictable people you will ever meet. They Universally Hate, so you never have to worry about pleasing them… They are also generally very unreliable, so you never have to worry about trusting them or counting on them for anything…

I love the meanies! Since I never put myself in a position to count on them for anything, I am always setting them up to exceed my expectations! I never expect them to try or do their best at anything, so when they do anything at all, it’s such a wonderful Surprise Bonus!

But, if you apply the Any Action At All technique you are opening yourself up to their insults, jibes and sneers… That can be hard, especially if you have one that’s close to you… and most people have at least one, very close to them. A mother, sister, father, brother, in-law, co-worker, even a friend…

So you need to learn to deal with them and keep them from breaking your momentum… or shaking your confidence.

You’re on the path to creating your life as a living dream come true, and about 1 person in 10 is going to be jealous, envies, or just good old fashioned mean along the way. You need a technique that you can use to stop them dead in their tracks.

Here’s the method, it has two parts- What Not to do – and – What to Do:


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

What not to Do:

  • Never try to convince or persuade them of anything: Listen, they are looking for reasons to disagree and belittle you, that’s what they do. If you try to convince them of anything, you’re just feeding their fire with fresh fuel. IT DOES NOT MATTER what you say to them, their joy comes from being mean, don’t give them anything extra to focus on.

  • Don’t Ignore Them or defend: Most likely they are hurting inside and projecting that pain onto the people around them. You don’t need to accept their abuse, but if you simply ignore them, they will up the level of attack against you until you cannot ignore them anymore. Defending yourself and beliefs by arguing will only validate them and encourage them to up the level of attack… (when you defend your position in this argument you are telling them where to attack you harder) Remember, they love to argue and try to hurt others… Don’t play their game…

  • Do not Be Mean or Attack Back: This is what they want the most from you. They want to see if they can get you out of your happy place and turn you mean. If you do, then you are not spending your precious energy and focus on making your dream come true. Nope, if you attack them, you’ve become them…

What to Do: Diffuse and Disable the Attack

  • You need to diffuse their attacks and insults: Most of these people use ‘back handed’ remarks to get under your skin. They like to stir you up and see if they can ‘pick a fight’ or ‘start and argument’ with you. Understanding that is their game, it’s not about the content, or the topic, they just enjoy arguing and trying to hurt others feelings… So diffuse their attacks by Validating them! The last thing they expect is for you to agree with them… Wait! Here’s how:

  • a. Agree that is how THEY feel: Comments like, “Hmmm. That’s an interesting way to look at it.” – or – “I can see why you feel that way.” – or – “Yea, I understand where you’re coming from” – or – “What you’re saying makes a lot of sense, but you know, different things work for different people.”

  • b. Remember – Don’t Attack and Don’t defend… Honor their feelings, validate that you’ve received their message. That’s it. Don’t offer your opinion. Don’t tell them how you see things. You are a salesperson. Often times once you validate them, they are so unnerved by your confidence they honestly want to know how you got so strong! But unless they specifically ask to hear your point of view, don’t offer it… Validating them diffuses the attack so then move on, you’ve got better things to do then argue with a meanie…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

  • c. Emergency Bailout Phrase - This one is for use in emergencies only, in case you accidently got caught up in an argument,, end it with this phrase, “Well, I’m sorry you feel that way about it.” Then get out of there! The apology shows humility and gives you an exit… use that exit!

  • Disarm the Attack: There is only one acceptable technique for disarming the meanie’s attacks. Invite real life, honest to goodness comparisons of results. Don’t focus on techniques, methods, or theories: Just invite honest comparisons… Focus on the real results…

I’m don’t like this topic, because I don’t like giving the meanies any energy. But I need to make a point: Your Dream is worth what you perceive it’s worth.

No one, not your best friend or your family can tell you what your dream is worth. More importantly no one has the right to define what you’re worth.

People respond to results.

Get the idea? None of this will cost you a moments sleep, if you can stay focused on real world results and let other people have their own opinions. And that means you don’t have to rely on arguments or persuasion to get people on your side — just like every other meanie out there, they’ll be eager to listen to you and support you because they want to get the results your getting too!

So, now it’s time to widen the gap between you and the also-rans.

Like I said earlier, people who read this will fall into three groups: The doers, the watchers, and the meanies…

You already decided you’re not a meanie… Now you need to decide if you’re a doer or a watcher… An also-read or a runner…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

“Hey I also-read that mini-course, but I didn’t try any of the stuff he said to do, it all seemed too simple…”

Listen carefully to this next bit cause it holds a key that may change your entire life forever after: Hosting events was sort of a hobby for me, Professionally I’ve been a Laws of Success coach for about 17 years now…

This is a popular field, and people charge anywhere from about $30/hr upwards of a few hundred. I stopped doing face to face work when I booked a 60 hour week at $500/hour… I decided to write these books instead of just raising my rates again…

What’s the difference between a $30/hour success coach and a $200/hour coach? Morever, what the heck did I do for $500/hour that made me worth more than a friggin’ lawyer?

Simplicity. The more successful, the more expensive the coach, time and time again, THE MORE SIMPLE THEY ARE All the coaches I met at the $30 -$100 an hour loved to talk and talk… The practically talk for the whole time… They are experts of Theory! They know everything…

At $200/hour, talk is cheap, the coaches find the simple paths and actions that need be taken, and help you to figure out how to take them…

At $500/hour, I hardly talked at all. I didn’t just help you figure out the action, I went with you as you took the action. That’s why I got paid so much,RESULTS!!!! Not theory, not conversations…. Results… Pure and Simple.

“Good Intentions are the Start, Good Results are the Art”

I am not interested in why you can’t won’t or haven’t… I am interested in you getting your O.A.R.S. in the water and start rowing! Now!

Outcome – Focus on the outcome you want, any outcome, you don’t need to get overly clear, just focus on any outcome!

Action – This doesn’t need to be a whole increment of success, it just needs to be an action taken towards the outcome. Any Action At All as long as you belief it is getting you closer to the outcome you desire.

Review the Result – This is the step that makes it work. From action comes clarity. If your action got you closer to the outcome, you will see clearer for your next action. If it got you further from the outcome, you will also see clearer (because you know what doesn’t work) either way, the action you took got you clearer and closer to the Outcome you desire…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

Start Again – Focus on the Outcome you desire, take any action you can towards it, Review the Results, then… Start again…

This an Oar here! It can take you anywhere you want to go, but you don’t get all the way across lake Michigan by paddling once!!! You paddle over and over until you reach your goal! That’s what an oar does, that’s how it works… Simple, effective, repetitive

Now sometimes Personal Development Coaches and cautious friends of all kinds like to point out that “Any Action At All” is a dangerous idea because it has the chance of getting you further away from your goal, and they say “A step in the wrong direction is worse then no step at all…”

I want to address this before we close out the day, in my non-coaching career, my projects have created over 30,000 jobs, I didn’t do that without taking quite a few steps in the wrong direction. If you want to actually bring your dream to life, then you’ve got to be willing to “Take Action” and “Course Correct” towards your goal.

See, it’s like this… The meanies are everywhere, and they are always looking for reasons to try and steal momentum from others. Their satisfaction comes from that old adage of “Misery Loves Company,” but you don’t need to give them the microphone in your life. If you set an outcome in your mind, determine where you’re headed, and then take “Any Action at All” to get closer, you will take missteps, but from those missed steps, you will gain knowledge and insight that will bring you closer to your goal.

There is no need to talk theory for endless hours and months with people explaining why their dreams didn’t pan out, cautioning you against the errors of their ways, well then, that’s the land of the Also-read… But when you are ready to stop messing around with theories and just put your trust in the single most proven Law of Success ever conceived, “Take Action Towards your dreams” then trust this:

You have the substance and the value, it is pure foolishness not to use that power. You are in such a powerful position right now… Don’t worry about the big picture, make it super simple on yourself right now!!! Focus on any outcome, take any action towards it… That’s it… Intentions produce actions, actions produce results!!! Honest effort is the only thing that has ever been proven to work… Clarity comes from action…

Clarity comes from Action…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5:

That’s it for today. Watch your inbox for “New Thought Practical’s Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #6. You’ll discover the single fundamental secret that Super Achievers all RELY on to get things done… This one thing is the key which will amplify everything else you have learned to indescribable new levels!!!

If you’re ready to really get moving on your goals… and get the important stuff DONE NOW… then you MUST learn this overlooked lesson immediately, and allow it to work its amazing magic in your life. It is the lesson which makes everything else you’ve learned so far come together and start producing massive life changing results!

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See you tomorrow,

Until then,

Know thyself, and to thine own self be cool…


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