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About the Home of Truth Spiritual Center

Originally Founded in 1905 by Annie and Harriet Rix

About the Home of Truth Spiritual Center:

The Home of Truth Center has been in existence for over 100 years acting as a community hub for people dedicated to strengthening and deepening their experience of God in all life while expanding their understanding of the Truth of Universal Love at the core of all world faiths. This community of like minded people of all faiths are dedicated to serving and celebrating that Truth of Universal Love as the Foundation and core of everything.

Mission and Purpose of the Home of Truth:

Co-create a spiritual community for learning and celebrating Truth Principles of unconditional love, trust, peace, compassion and joy while honoring the diversity of people, ideas and spiritual teachings. To celebrate the unity that underlies all differences and encourage self-transformation through devotion, communication and service. To promote the manifestation of abundance, and express and share all these principles in our lives, homes, spiritual center, community, and world.

Fundamental Principles:

  • God is All and All are One.

  • Respect all paths, all people and ourselves.
  • Forgiveness is the key to happiness and inner peace.
  • God is Love and Love is who we are.
  • Love extends itself. Love prevails.
  • Peace is our single goal, the aim of our living here.
  • We choose Peace.
  • We are responsible for the world we see & our experiences here.
  • What we sow, we reap.
  • Giving and receiving are one.
  • Gratitude is our way to Love.

A Few Home of Truth Affirmations

  • God is Health, Life, Love, Truth, Substance, and Intelligence.

  • I am spiritual, harmonious, fearless and free.
  • I am governed by the law of God, the everlasting Good.
  • I am happy. I am holy. I am loving. I am wise.
  • Positive health is my natural state.
  • Prosperity is our natural state of abundant good.
  • Through right use of our free will we create for the highest good of all.

The Home of Truth Spiritual Center is:

“A nest, a place of welcome, a place to rest, to have our whole selves held. A place to share love, creativity, compassion, service, wisdom, joy, humanity. A place to honor our humanity & divinity & celebrate the beauty of each.” — an anonymous congregant


To learn more visit: The Home of Truth Spiritual Center Website

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