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Wallace D. Wattles: “The Science of Getting Rich”

Written in 1910, Wallace D. Wattles’, “Science of Getting Rich” has become a true collector’s classic among people from all walks of life and is considered one of the dominant New Thought texts of the 20th century.

This book was heavily quoted throughout the movie, “The Secret” and is the foundation and inspiration behind the $3000 SGR Course presented by Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor.

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“The Science of Getting Rich”

James Allen: “As a Man Thinketh”

First published in 1902, James Allen’s, “As a Man Thinketh” blends Eastern and Western ideologies together unified under the common notion that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”The Book Opens with this passage:

Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:—
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass.

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Robert Collier: “The Secret of the Ages”

Published as a short series of seven volumes in 1926, Robert Collier’s, “Secret of the Ages” is written in his signature style of charming, folksy, and personable. Of his many works, The Secret of the Ages is considered by many to be his masterpiece.

The book is a bit longer than most of the others here, 600 pages in it’s original edition (a very dense 200+ pages in our pdf format) so please make sure and download only once!

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“The Secret of the Ages”

William Walker Atkinson: “Thought Vibration or The Laws of Attraction in the Thought World”

Being ensconced in both Eastern and Western mindsets as well a prolific writer, his work is at it’s shining peak here in this hard to find edition of the 1906 classic “Thought Vibration or The Laws of Attraction in the Thought World”

Atkinson’s signature style left an indelible mark on the psyche of humanity of growing importance every year since his passing in 1932. This book shows why Atkinson is regarded as one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century.

…Click here to Download “Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World”

William Walker Atikinson: “The Secret of Success”

In 1901 William Walker Atkinson became co-editor of the influential “New Thought Journal” magazine… From his role as editor he was given a very broad reaching view of the entire body of New Thought Wisdom available to the world at that time.

From this lofty vantage point he penned the classic “Secret of Success” now vailable to you in athis complete unabridged edition…

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“The Secret of Success”

Charles F. Haanel: “The Master Key System”

The 2006 popular movie “The Secret” begins with Rhonda Byrnes’ discovery of an old book which changed her life and allowed her to actually make the movie! That book is available here, now, for free to you…

The Master Key System was written almost 100 years ago and has been credited as the transformative text behind to many world renown successes to even begin to mention…

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“The Master Key System”

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