New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

“How To Uniquely Position Yourself To Outperform Better-Funded And More Experienced People… Even If You’re Totally Clueless About What to Do next.”

From: Windwalker
 “The Billion Dollar Shaman”


You know, you can always spot the charlatans in this field. They start talking about attracting results towards you… but neglect to mention that you will be attracted towards the results themselves… The truth is, it is about 1000x easier to be drawn towards the outcomes you desire then to draw them towards you.

The key word here is “drawn”. Basically every element of bringing any dream to life consists of just one thing done over and over… Living the Dream Come True is then simply the art of doing that one thing in a way which you enjoy…. In essence, when you can make that single thing you must do turn into the thing you ‘desire doing’ most of all, then Viola!!! Everything lines up like lilys in a pond…

If every living dream come true comes down to doing just one simple thing, you can bet it’s going to be one heck of thing! I’m going to explain it to you in a single phrase, then we’ll spend the rest of this lesson learning what that phrase means and how to use it, Ready?

Define and Execute the Smallest Increment of Success

All successes are incremental. I don’t care what field, or what endeavor we’re talking about here, all successes are composed of smaller incremental successes.

And that kind of simple explanation is beyond pretty near what most “experts” offer. Why? Because it’s too simple to understand easily. People pay me $500/hr for my one on one coaching and I get booked every waking hour I’m willing to work, and all I ever do really is isolate and define the smallest increment of success and stand beside them as they do it.

I don’t get paid to discuss theory and make plans. I get paid to get the job done, and to help others get the job done.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

Look, I am going to be brutally blunt for a moment, I did not build a Billion Dollar track Record by sitting around talking theory and making plans… When I was 12 years old, I started selling sodas at football games for a dollar each, of which I earned a quarter… I started to high level consultation at just $14 hour!

I never waited for the bigger better deal, I just keep moving forward day after day, enjoying every step of the game, every step of the way…

And I get frustrated when people out there with no history of success write a book telling other people they can be successful by sitting back and just willing it to happen. These frauds and charlatans want to discuss how to turn your life into a living dream come true, and talk and talk theories and mumbo-jumbo until their blue in the face, but when the time comes to take action, they don’t know what to tell ya…

Because they’ve never actually done it and They don’t know how to do it.

Veteran Super Achievers know that making dreams come true is not brain surgery or rocket science, but it does take some effort and practice. You won’t suddenly have the skill just because you have the theory explained to you.

It’s like this: “Good intentions are a Start, Good Results are an Art.”

We’re talking about actually turning dreams into reality here, we’re not talking about how hard you try or how much you do. Most likely you are already trying to hard…

For me, the Increment of Success is the first thing you need to create, before even get really clear on what the big picture dream is going to turn out. The increment is the essence of what you’re creating. It is the opposite of theory.

Here are the basics of defining your Increments of Success:

  • You take in the big picture of what your dream is going to look like as a whole (all of the vast details that will make up your dream come true) and try to distill it down to a paragraph you can read out loud in under 30 seconds… Three clear concise sentences at most with force and intention infused into every word.

  • You break that dream into the three areas of life: Love, Health, and Wealth… These are three separate dreams that combine into one big dream. You need to get it clear in your head that focusing on your career is not the same thing as focusing on your relationships, or else they will both suffer… Likewise all other combinations of the three.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

  • You identify your primacy of focus right now! Not tomorrow, not next week, not your hopes for the future, in this section you will identify which of the three areas you want to be focusing your energy on right now

Think in terms of what your how the elements of a dream are interrelated but distinct. It is likely you want a meaningful and strong relationship, a healthy body, and a comfortable or outrageous personal fortune. Each of these are distinct and separate with separate building blocks (increments of success)… but they all combine together to create the big picture which is you life. In step three you are deciding which area you are going to focus on for the time being…

  • Identify the smallest manageable Increment of Success, then succeed at it, over and over!

That’s a start. If you can back it up with action.

You’re willing to try? What does that mean? If you deliver, great, if you fail, so what.


This isn’t about trying now. That’s the whole point! Identifying the Smallest Manageable Increment of Success means succeeding not trying…

This isn’t a game now, this is real life, and no one is competing against you. There’s no winners and losers here. There’s only Succeeding.

You will determine what the smallest manageable increment of success is and then you will succeed. If you fail, you will need to identify a smaller increment of success.

You need to understand that there is no loser in this game. No one to make fun of you, and no one compete against. Your life is a tremendous gift and you can do anything you want with it, so banish any of those notions of failure okay.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

Not all Increments are Created Equal and moreover, the same dream will have different increments at different times. Let me show you what I mean:

  • I have an associate who is the Chief Engineer in charge of building the Bridge over Hoover dam (the largest engineering project in America currently)… I asked her what her Increment of success was, she said “It’s a log sheet” I thought it would be something smaller like the rivets or concrete pours, but she said, “Nah, the rivet is an increment of success to a riveter, a log sheet tells me how thousands of rivets and tons of concrete are performing together before we move on to the next section, I usually review about 5 log sheets per day.”

  • I have another associate who manages a massive financial fund, I asked him what his increment of success was, thinking it would be a single investment worth $50k-$500k, he told me, “Each fund within my fund is my increment of success, Every time we add a new fund to the roster that’s an increment.”

  • Personally I don’t do face to face clients anymore, I work as a writer now and my Increment is something called a 3k… It’s a block of text totalling 3,000 words. That’s about one chapter or five articles. But some days I get to work and my increment is a single paragraph, or a headline phrase…

Never assume anything here. If all you can manage successfully is a paragraph that’s fine. If a rivet is your increment, that’s fine. If you can save $5 dollars that’s fine…

What matters here is establishing the increment you can successfully achieve and doing it! It doesn’t matter how big it is, or if it’s impressive of not, it will build up and accrue over time. For the engineer above, she used to manage those supports that hold up overpasses, before that it was leveling roads, before that it checking other peoples math… The increments can only get bigger if you can succeed on the ones your currently working on…

That’s the big secret all Super Achievers know: Massive Successes are made up of thousands of tiny successes.

Massive successes are not made up of trying hard and coming up short. It’s all about the smallest manageable increment of success. It is not know, never has been, and never will be about waiting for it to come towards you.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

You know, I’ve now written about 2000 pages in technical journals over the years for some of the world’s leading companies. Every single page had to be exact and precise ‘error free’ (I’m lucky now that I’m the boss I can forgive typos). But this has also taught me an important lesson about Incremental Success: There is always a bigger increment waiting once you get the hang of your current one and There is always a smaller increment there if the current one is too big to manage.

The best increments are so tight, you cannot remove or
change a single aspect.

You may get away with something like “My increment of success is to just pay my rent” or “My increment of success is to get out of debt” but to me, those aren’t even actually increments. The next few changes will bring home the bacon.

What is the smaller increment? Is there a short-cut to making that increment happen?

What’s the most-effective way to go about it? What increments will you need in order to create that increment?

What will that increment be a part of later?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t hesitate to go smaller and smaller until you can see what you need to do. Don’t wait until you see clearly to start.

Yes, clarity is always important, so see the big picture goal, then take your best guess as to what the increment will be and get started. Normally increments are so small as to take only a few minutes or hours. It’s easy to plan for weeks, even years, on something you could test in just a few hours… In the real world of results, The Best Clarity Come After Taking Action.

I want to confide something in you, it’s really personal but I think it drives the point home so I’m willing to share it… I got paid a $33,333.33 advance to write the New Thought Essentials Course. Why such an odd number? It’s the number I asked for from the publisher…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

To me, $33k is a pretty big chunk of money to get paid in advance… But the publisher was happy to pay it because I have so many credible works already published all over the world (I’m published in 6 languages)…

So now I’m committed to writing a 21 day Mega-Course all based on a short outline I gave them… It’s a huge project! But you know what? In my mind, I never write more than 3,000 words at a time… I have over half a million words in print around the world, and publishers are willing to pay me healthy chunks of money in advance based on just an outline of what i want to write next, and to me it’s all just sitting down and writing 3,000 words at a time…

Sure, when I started out no one was paying me $1,000’s of dollars per page… But it doesn’t take long to build up a reputation when you continually hit your goals one after another. And over here, in the real world of Dreaming Outloud, people pay for results, not good intentions.

Listen, somewhere around 90% of people have great intentions and wonderful ideas. They like to dream in their head. We, we being myself and my 1,000’s of clients like to dream outloud. It’s nice to imagine a shiny new car, feels good. But those good intentions aren’t going to put modern safety features like side airbags on you current car now are they?

So here’s how it works in the real world, We Build Successes On Top Of Successes and it really doesn’t matter how big or how small those increments are. What matters is picking increments you can complete successfully and doing them over and over…

One small manageable increment after another.

So get started. What area of your dream do you need to be most focused on currently? What is the smallest increment of success you can reasonably manage towards it? You know the right choice, and right now is the right time….

If you’re truly savvy you will set the level lower then is manageable.

Set your increments at levels which you can comfortably obtain, after all, you’ve got to make sure your relationships and health still have plenty of energy left available to them…

Don’t waste time confronting your doubts or fears… Remove all the risk by “Doing it Wrong Quickly” then make the corrections on the next increment… That’s the beauty of this all, like the bricks that make up a cathedral, of the millions and millions of bricks, thousands of them may be imperfect and thrown out…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #4:

You risk nothing if you know that is just part of the process… Each increment should only take a few hours or at most a day…

In the real world, it’s a thousand times simpler to do than in theory. Find the smallest increment, the Go for it! Make it happen!!! If you fail or mess up, learn from the mistake and pick a smaller increment…

It’s as simple as that and it built the Pyramids!

It’s as simple as that and it built the Great Wall of China!

Now it’s your turn!!!

That’s it for today. Watch your inbox for “New Thought Practical’s Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #5. You’ll discover:

  • How to Simplify today’s lesson down to a level even a 2nd grade child can put into action without any delay… Tomorrow I’m going to give you the the number 1 tool in my bag of tricks and works in any situation even if you have no idea what your dream is…

  • I’m also going to show you how to turn your enemies into your advocates and fans without every being a jerk or sounding like a nutcase. This is the first “advanced tactic” I’m going to give you for turning the people who put you down or hurt your feelings into your biggest supporters…

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Know thyself, and to thine own self be cool…


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