New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

How To Kick-Start Your “Inner Vision” Awake
Put Your Dreams To Work for You
Begin Believing In Yourself, And Start Making it All Happen!

From: M. Daniel Walsh aka. Windwalker “The Billion Dollar Shaman”

Hi there…

Welcome to this first lesson in practical “Bringing Dreams to Life” New Thought usage. For the first lesson I wanted to start out with something big and powerful, yet simple and basic. So with a none too subtle irony, the first lesson is: ‘Put Last Things First’.

This is probably the single most-overlooked aspect of turning dreams into reality there is… “Skip straight to the result whenever possible.”

This should be common sense for most people, and yet most people miss it altogether. Instead of actually getting anything done (or worse - Screwing Everything Up), they focus on theories and ideas, in a safe spot where they never have to confront their own highest personal truth.

Theories are safe, talking about how to do something is easy in comparison to actually doing it, (You can’t fail if you don’t try right? You can’t be disappointed if you expect nothing out of life right?). Well, that’s the old way of thinking…

…and it’s wrong. The truth is far simpler than the theories make it out to be. Sitting around waiting for your dreams to come true is dramatically more difficult than just bringing them to life yourself.

Here’s why: Your inner voice is guiding you every moment of every day of your life. It’s there inside you all the time guiding you from the pit of your stomach. You inner voice cannot be negotiated with, argued, or convinced of anything. All it can do and does is, “Knows.”

You inner voice has no reasoning, no theories, no ideas, and no need to understand anything at all. It simply “Knows What Feels Right and What Feels Wrong.”


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

Your Inner Voice versus Your Inner Dialog

Your inner voice doesn’t explain itself and shouldn’t be confused with your inner dialog. Let’s look at the difference:

  • Your inner dialog is an ongoing internal discussion about anything you think about.

  • Your Inner Voice (Inner Guide) is a Feeling in your solar plexus that consists of basically two modes: “something feels right, or something feels wrong”

Anything you accomplish in life starts out as a decision. You don’t need to explain your goals in rational terms, or give reasons why you want what you want. But you do need to be in your truth.

How about a purely hypothetical example? A young man trying to seduce a young woman. Purely hypothetical, hardly ever happens in real life right? She says, “No, it doesn’t feel right” and refuses his sexual advances. But he persists; he wants to know, “Why not? What doesn’t feel right?”

Get the picture? She doesn’t want to. It doesn’t matter why and it doesn’t matter what her reasons are. It doesn’t feel right and that’s all she needs to know, that’s her truth.

But what happens if he convinces her to step out of her truth? We all know what happens in this situation when a person, ‘gives in’ to the persuasion and steps out of their truth… All they are left with is regret and guilt…

Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice tells you what feels right and what feels wrong, but your inner dialog often assumes a role similar to that of the young man in the example above trying to convince and persuade you to go against what you know is right.

Why? Why would your inner dialog try to get you to do things you don’t actually want to do? Because often times actually taking dreams out of our heads and bringing them to life in the world around is an extremely frightening proposition.

Crossing any finish line requires a little skill, it’s not difficult. But it’s not something most people naturally learn to do. It’s scary at first, but it gets easier and easier as you make a habit of it. The most important thing is that you listen to that inner guide and ignore any and all of the arguments about why you can’t do anything.

There are a few key secrets to Dreaming Outloud, and once you master them, they will ensure that EVERY outcome you decide to create empowers you to cross its own finish line.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

Beginning to get Practical with This

This is how the Law of Attraction actually works in real life. Most people try to “attract from their heels”… meaning, they want to attract their dreams towards them, but then they blow it when it comes down to taking action after opportunity knocks. Opportunities’ going to knock, but it’s going to be up to you to open the door and step through.

The Law of Attraction works both ways, it will attract things and situations towards you and it will attract you towards things and situations. The graveyard of broken dreams is filled with the failed dreams of people who didn’t listen to that all-important Inner Guide shouting, “TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW”.

Whatever results you’ve been getting will instantly be multiplied, as soon as you apply the secret of “Putting Last Things First.”

I had to learn the hard way, making countless mistakes, having dreams blow up in my face right and left, doing pretty near everything the hardest possible, and going to outrageous extremes to study under the world’s leading Guru’s, Shaman, and Business Leaders trying to learn the secrets of producing massive dream come true results in the real world.

I’m going to share one technique they all taught me in their own way, the proven multiplier of results and goal reaching is…

Skip to the Outcome Whenever Possible!

A good solid finish is just part of a greater journey. You won’t miss the adventure by skipping to the outcome because each goal you achieve just sets you up for the next one.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

The Biggest Problem People Face

After working with thousands of people all over the world the single biggest thing I found holding them back was, “They seldom actually want to reach their goals!” The biggest obstacle people always face is themselves.

I call it “Process Addiction Syndrome” and it’s everywhere. People become so addicted in the comfort of the process, they will literally do anything to prevent reaching their goals. The process itself becomes so comfortable and safe that they forget the reason for their journey itself.

Just like the young man trying to convince the young woman to do something she doesn’t want to do, these poor Process Addicted souls can rattle off endless reasons why they can, can’t, will, or won’t reach their goals and make their dreams come true.

They’ll convince themselves that they’re making progress, or convince themselves that they can’t make progress. Either way, the one thing they aren’t willing to do is crossing the finish line. They don’t want to give up the joy of the journey so they don’t want to reach the goal.

Here’s How to Break Those Chains

The same three steps apply to any situation. It won’t matter how big, or how small, how easy, or how impossible the situation is: These Same three steps always apply. You’re going to be injecting your honest to goodness unique and special personality and flavor into them, because after all it’s your Living Dream Come True your building. Nonetheless, no matter how unique you make it, these same three steps are going to occur:

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Determine the ‘Realistic Best Case Outcome for the Current Situation’You You set your goals, you pick your dreams, it’s your life! Realistic and Current situation are the keys here. You can dream big and outrageous (I sincerely hope you do!) but reaching those big and outrageous dreams is going to involve stacking tons of current and realistic best case outcomes one on top of another…

  • Step 2: Identify the shortest path to your desired outcome. You journey will continue, don’t worry about it, the process is composed of crossing finish lines one after another. If it’s possible to skip straight to the result, then do it!

  • Step 3: Identify the Increment of Success and Succeed at it. This is about accomplishing things, not “Feeling good about failing.” Big accomplishments are always composed of smaller accomplishments. We stack successes together to reach our goals. This is not now nor ever will be about doing your best and failing. This about finding the manageable increment of success and succeeding at it.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

Trying Your Hardest

After working with thousands of people all over the world the single biggest thing I found holding them back was, “They seldom actually want to reach their goals!” The biggest obstacle people always face is themselves.

Trying your hardest and failing means one and only one thing ever, it means:

“You’re Trying too Hard”

If you really did your best and you still came up short it means that you were trying too hard and succeeding too little. Listen, I’ve worked one on one with 1,000’s and 1,000’s of people over the years, and this little tip is hard to accept at first, but once it sinks in: Everything is Going to start going your way. When people get on track of making tiny little successes one after another, their living dream starts to take firm root in their lives.

If you’re failing at anything, all it means is that you’re trying too hard. You need to stop trying so hard, and start finding the manageable increment of success. A big tree grows from a small seed, but there are a lot of steps in between. Each one of those stages of the tree’s life has to be successful before it can move on to the next one.

You’re no different than that. If that little seedling tries to sprout and fails, it can never become the glorious tree it is meant to be, no matter how hard it tries, in the real world big successes are always made up of smaller successes.

Putting it all Together

It’s your life to live as you choose. If you want it to become a living dream come true, I’m going to keep giving you the same tools the masters gave me. The same tools I used to create 30,000 jobs for Public Schools, the same tools I used to buy a new home free and clear without a mortgage, the same tools I used to quit my job and become a successful business owner, the same tools which allowed me to become involved in the most important thing I’VE EVER DONE (stand beside the woman of my dreams)…

Will they work for you? That’s up to you and it all depends on one thing…

“Doing Your Best” and “Trying Your Hardest” are great when you’re a little kid and someone’s there to comfort you saying, “It’s okay as long as you did your best…” But that’s what this whole first lesson is all about…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

Your inner guide is different from your inner dialog… You inner dialog can say, “Well, I did my best, and that’s all that really matters…” But that’s nonsense and you know it. The truth of you knows it.

The truth is:

“Trying your hardest and failing sucks,
Succeeding Gracefully is much more fun!”

You are the one taking the journey, making your life what it is. In the beginning, middle and end, it’s you … it’s all you! It’s just good habit to put last things first, to skip straight to the outcome whenever possible…

But frankly, most people don’t want to do anything interesting, pacing around in a circle is safe; Boring, but familiar.

That’s It…

That’s it, Lesson One is Done. Now it’s up to you. Are you willing to stop trying and start succeeding? Accomplishment is easy when you set out to achieve the SMALLEST REASONABLE INCREMENT OF SUCCESS POSSIBLE.

Skip to the outcome whenever you can, know your goals and take the shortest path possible to them…

So here’s your opening: Succeed at something today! ANYTHING!!! DO the ONE thing today that really gets your heart pumping.

That’s your challenge for lesson one: Just succeed at something. Set a goal, any goal, but make it a manageable achievable goal, then succeed at it… Ignore your inner dialog for now, just listen to your inner guide, it will show you the way…

Last Thing:

This is your opportunity to become the one who gets it done while others explain why it can’t be done. People simple don’t want to deal with people who don’t back up their dreams with actions.

Trust is a hard thing to earn — but it’s a heck of a lot easier when people see that your words aren’t idle and their dealing with someone passionate, understanding, and gets things done without all the nonsense, then all sorts of new doors are going to open in your life because nothing attracts success like success.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #1:

But the hardest person whose Trust you will ever have to earn is, yourself. Trust is something that grows over time. We learn to count on people who do what they say they will do. We build trust in ourselves the same way, and you don’t build trust in yourself or others by dreaming and not taking action.

Let your inner voice guide you, today I’ve asked you to succeed at one thing, you inner voice will show you what it is… How will you know what it is?

Trust Yourself, you’ll just know…

Watch your inbox tomorrow for “New Thought Practical’s School” Mini-Tutorial #2… wherein you’ll find the 3 fundamental lessons for amplifying dreams to the point that they become real and tangible things.

…and of course, if you are enjoying the Mini-Course - then you’re going to love my new book where I take you step by step through putting the practices to work in you life PING! Success and Happiness NOW! is finally available and you don’t even have to risk a penny to see it ALL.

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Until tomorrow…

Know thyself, and to thine own self be cool…


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