New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

“How To FIND The Critical Thing Necessary To Unlock Your Limitless Potential As Fast As Humanly Possible.”

From: Windwalker
 “The Billion Dollar Shaman”


I’ve long since returned it, but I was given the chance to read what is perhaps the sneakiest and nastiest “how-to” book on the planet. It was all about the usage of elaborate Machiavellian tactics for acquiring influence and personal power at the expense of others.

Safely and without paying any consequence.

That book is known in some circles as “The Con-Man’s Bible” and my teacher required that I read it to better learn to protect myself and my clients from the unscrupulous ways of the cheats.

I shudder to think that book is used for purposes other than self defense. Lord knows we already have enough hustlers and cheats out there looking to get ahead at any costs…

Most of the tactics involved identifying and preying on people’s weak spots. Often it was greed, sometimes it was vanity. But all the con’s were based on different techniques for bringing someone’s weaknesses to the surface, and then preying on them until the con had run its course.

I’m glad I’m aware of them. Because a new wave of this type of hustler-ship is upon us and this is where self-knowledge is true personal power. What could be confusing and nasty situations are easily defused, when you track the real culprit down to its root, deep inside of you…

There’s a saying in that book, “You can’t cheat an honest person.” You see, most of the hustles all preyed on the pigeon (person being conned) trying to get something for nothing, the proverbial,“Free Ticket to Easy Street.”

Think you’re immune? Think again…

If you ever ate a low calorie anything… Shopped at a going out of business sale that seemed to never end… Purchased a two for the price of one special… Or a million other examples of this same idea… It hits us all… We all want the most possible results for the least possible outlay…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

So there’s apractical side to this… You must identify your weakness first…

So far in the Mini-Course you’ve learned:

  • To Take the Shortest Path to the Result Possible “Put last things First”

  • How to Clarify – Unify – and Amplify your goals

  • How to Stop Fighting and Start Winning! by finding the Mystical Three Way Win

  • Using the Smallest Increment of Success to help you stack victories on on top of another

  • How to get moving towards your dream by getting your O.A.R.S. in the water

  • The Power of Repetition

But even with all those you will get you nowhere fast until you finally use the one tactic that the hustlers love to use against you! Until you finally learn to turn your weaknesses into your strengths!

Like using a deadly sword to plow a field and grow life giving food, we’re going to turn this dastardly tactic into one of the most powerful forces for unlocking your potential and getting real world results you could ever imagine… It’s called:

“Capitalizing on the Constraint”

Oh, how goals can be hateful things, reminiscent of high school crushes that forever went unanswered or parental expectations when even your best never seemed good enough to earn that special smile…

And when you finally make it into adulthood, they become so easy to set and forget, like so many New Year’s Resolutions already forgotten by month’s end…

It’s no wonder that the hustlers always seem to find another victim for their scams… They offer you the Goal without the Journey, the Destination without the Adventure. They promise you that you cannot fail, and give you ten thousand reasons why…

Rejoice! Now the tables are turning and the tool of the hustler is yours for the using… Here’s how it works:

You understand that you cannot fail if you pick a small enough increment right? You also get it that those small successes and accomplishes are where the living dream is experienced… (It doesn’t happen after the goal is reached, it happens while reaching the goal!)…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

But if you are like any of the rest of us… You still haven’t identified the critical increment of success yet…

Remember, Not all increments are created equal… Think for a moment of these two increments of house: A Wall, and a Door Knob…

If your goal is to enter the house and you decide to tear down the wall to get in (your increment is making holes in the wall), well, after much effort you may actually reach your goal (getting in the house).

Big mistake. As humans we are inherently lazy creatures, we need shortcuts to be efficient. (Don’t think we’re lazy? What do you do in your vision of an ideal or perfect day?)

If you had just made you increment of success “turning the door knob” you’d have saved yourself tremendous time, energy, and effort!

Nowadays, I’m a constraint finding monster. I’ve lost the resentment I used to harbor around my shortcomings because by focusing on them I’ve learned to get exponential results over doing things the hard way.

Do you know why most goals fail? Because there’s one thing blocking everything else from happening.

Great artists twiddle their thumbs waiting for inspiration… Would be writers think about for years on a plot for a book that never gets written. A young man plans for ages to ask his dream girl out on a date and never does… The entrepreneur struggles looses hope without the funding they need for their venture…

And then it never happens.

Because they focus on their strengths and let their weaknesses cripple them…

This is the Theory of Constraints in a Nutshell: Any system, any outcome, any goal is directly limited by the weakest element within that system.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

In 1984, Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt introduced the term “Theory of Constraints (TOC)” in a book titled The Goal. Dr. Goldratt’s work was geared towards helping organizations continually achieve their goals.

But it applies in exactly the same way towards people, and and Dr. Goldratt describes in very clear terms something we Shaman have been teaching for a very long time…

Permit me to explain, at this point in the mini-course you have 6 incredibly useful tools from which you can build anything you ever hoped or wished for. If you choose to stay on with me and take the next step you’ll be given the next 7 tools after which I will be personally guiding you through the process of applying and using them in your life.

Our tracking shows that most of the people who finish the New Thought Practical’s Mini-course decide to spend the $17 dollars on the Quick Start Course and see what al the fuss is actually about.

Even though I know that almost 80% of you reading this (the 7th lesson) are going to stay with me as we start to move into the next set of tools (it’s just $17 dollars), I need to make sure this first set is a complete standalone toolkit by itself.


It’s this 7th lesson that brings all 6 of the previous lessons into focus.

Removing Constraints makes your goals become reality. It is the mortar which holds all the bricks in the wall in line.

Identifying and Eliminating Constraints should be an integral part of your overall plan. For most people where I’ve had the chance to really get a deep inside peek, goals are forever allowed to be pushed back. (Thus, they aren’t real goals.)

People endlessly “discuss” the obstacles, and create new “goals” without ever reaching the original ones!

And it’s all hogwash.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

This is not a small hindrance or minor setback in your quest for your life as a living dream come true. One small hurdle can be all it takes to derail the entire big picture plan!

Imagine a train track running from New York to San Francisco (all the way across the USA)… All it takes is one small gap in that track, one tiny spot where the track is not connected and the entire thing is worthless…

3,000 miles of train track all limited and made useless by a 3 foot gap.

Or imagine a chain with every link strong enough to lift a car, every link except one… That one weak link so weak that a child could break it… Now imagine trying to lift that car… The entire chain crumbles, all because of it’s one weak link…

That weak link, that gap in the track is the Constraint, and it functions exactly the same way in all of our lives…

So what do we do? What is the solution?

We shift all focus to strengthening that single constraining factor until the system (our dream life is a complete system composed of Love, Health, and Prosperity) shows us the next weakest link…

I recently got a desperate call from a rookie who sincerely desired to launch “one the top social websites in the world.”

Okay. Fine. But his scenario reeked of constraint - he wanted to know how much time he should divide his time between reading books on computer code, marketing and advertising, and how much energy he should spend on the aesthetic.

Not okay. Not fine. This person is crippled with “I can do it all myself” disease. A pretty bad case, too.

Unfortunately… he’s got a lot of company.

These kinds of question never enter the minds of someone truly making their dream come to life. He was too busy planning it, preparing for it to make it into a reality. The question should be, “What else can I do, right now, to make this dream happen in real life?”

Action, not planning, not preparing, and certainly not excuses or complaining.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

That young man was headed in the right direction, he knew his where his weaknesses were, but he was dividing his energies across them. You want to get into as deep as possible, as quickly as possible. You want to attack the constraint using the techniques you’ve learned in this mini-course by over and over stacking small successes onto it until it finally gives in to your persistence.

There are three fundamental Areas this constraint may be:

  • Knowledge: You may need to learn something new in order to overcome the constraint. I often see this in people whose dream is to become wealthy, 90% of the time they do not have good knowledge of how money actually works!

  • Resources: The most common of all constraints is some sort of material shortcoming. For example, a person who dreams of being a photographer and lacks a camera.

  • Beliefs: The hidden thief which takes the unguarded treasures, most common found in the Ideas of “I can…” (when you know you can’t) and “I need…” (when you know you don’t) and the dastardly “If only I…”

Dr. Goldratt laid out a five step process for overcoming the constraints in any system, it works like this:

  • Step One: IDENTIFY the constraint

  • Step Two: EXPLOIT the constraint

  • Step Three: SUBORDINATE all other processes to above decision

  • Step Four: ELEVATE the constraint

  • Step Five: return to Step 1

Get your mind ready for your first big leap ‘cause here it comes: Exploit the Constraint. Once you’ve identified the constraint you need to make it work for you. If you miss this idea, you miss everything…

Real life is very unlike high school where you can just keep postponing that big crush or if you have a “good enough” excuse push deadlines back almost indefinitely. In the Real world there are no excuses worth making to yourself. Others may let you off the hook, but the only opinion that matters is yours anyways.

Scary, yes. But that’s what makes it so darn fun!

Exploit the Constraint is the key to this whole lesson here. It is an entirely new way of looking at the problem. Our instincts tell us “Great! I identified the constraint, now I just need to focus all my energy on eliminating it!”


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

Yawn… Welcome to a whole new world of problems…

It is said, and it’s true, “Necessity is the Mother of invention.” In real life, that constraint is there because it is hard to eliminate! You could spend months, even years dumping all your energy into it all the while missing the obvious right in front of your nose!

In the train track example, the train can’t run from New York to San Francisco because the track is broken. So Exploit the Constraint!!! The train runs fine from New York to St.Luis! Perfectly from St. Luis to Chicago… The train make use of this until the the whole project is completed (imagine if the constraint was a bridge not just a gap and it was going to take years to complete it)…

How about the photographer who doesn’t have a good camera who Exploits the Constraint and discovers that they have massive international contests for photography taken with $5 disposable cameras? Developes their art, wins a few contests and now has the camera they always dreamt of…

Or the young man who dreams of the wife he always wanted who, having no relationship decides to spend his free time taking dance lessons where he later meets the woman of his dreams?

Or the chain with a broken link now doubled up capable of hoisting twice as much weight?

Or our programmer friend from earlier in this lesson who isn’t a graphic artist and wants to learn everything himself who instead finds peers with the skills he lacks and is able to produce a project he never imagined from their combined visions?

A world without constraints would grind to a halt. It would be so boring that planes would fall from the sky out of sheer apathy. Birds would stop singing and dogs would stop chasing cats…

Yet, if you work focus endlessly on resolving the constraints, instead of exploiting them and turning them to your advantage you will be missing the greatest joy afforded to you in the living dream come true…

The Incomparable Joy of the Unforeseen


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:

And that could be the biggest mistake of your life.

Nope. Sick or stressed, poor or rich, crashed computer or stalled car, you gotta figure out how to make it all turn to your advantage.

It’s the best part of the living dream come true. (It’s true - nearly all the really super achievers I know are so good at this every waking moment – no matter what is happening – seems like a great big playful game to them!) Their dreams are so clear and precise, yet so flexible and accommodating that every waking moment is like a day at the amusement park with them…

It’s also another of those little secret traits that will set you apart from you’re the also-reads, no matter what your dream is. Once Exploiting the Constraint becomes second nature to you – Nothing Will Ever Feel Like an Obstacle Again.

Your weaknesses and shortcomings will become Opportunities and Advantages…

You become the “action center point” of your own living dream come true, because you’re the one turning everything good into something great, and every constraint into another opportunity for someone to shine (yourself or someone else holds the key to Exploiting that Constraint, all you need to do is uncover it).

You are the one making everything happen.

And you’ll come to love your obstacles, I promise you, once things start going as you want them too, the obstacles and unexpected hurdles along the way become some of the most delightful parts of the adventure.

Because, once you stop stalling around and making excuses and start making dreams come true… an amazing amount of things will start happening in your life. And you’ll be the one at the center of it all, making it all happen, day after delightful day.

It happens fast too, it starts from the inside with an attitude, and it flows into the world around you almost immediately.

And that my friends, concludes the mini-course…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #7:


I want to thank you for spending this week with me and share something about myself with you. You see, my living dream come true is all about helping people to transform their lives into their own dreams come true…

I traveled all over the world studying at the feet of the masters trying to learn these things. Then I proved these lessons in the real world… First my dream was to become one of the most successful young executives on the planet… I did that when I became one of only 5 men in the world to do over a billion dollars in revenue before the age of 30…

Then my dream was to build one of the world most respected yoga shala’s. I did that by the age of 35…

Then my dream was to meet the woman of my dreams, own our home with no mortgage, marry her and start a family… I’ve done that too…

One dream after another has come true for me, my life is so wonderful because of what these elders taught me… I feel so blessed to now be holding that role for others all over the world, and I want to thank you for being a part of that dream…

I know these techniques are the best in the world. They are the most profoundly proven in countless circumstances. My dream is to find the people who are ready to learn more, and then give them more…

Are you ready to see the system that’s shaking the foundations of the world of personal development? Check out these free Videos for all the details, go to - PING! Success and Happiness NOW! Free Videos. and see what all the fuss is about.

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I hope to choose to take the next steps on this journey and if whether you do or not…

Know thyself, and to thine own self be cool…

Thanks Again!


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