New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #3:

“How To Stop Fighting… And Start WINNING By KNOWING What Works To Turn Obstacles Into Benefits”

From: Windwalker
 “The Billion Dollar Shaman”


“Fighting” is a dirty word to many people. And it should be. But some of the most anti-violent peace loving New Age New Thought Advocates I know expend more energy fighting than anything else in their life.

I know you know the type. The sort of person who has everything stacked against them. Who can’t seem to get a break. Who one thing after another seems to go wrong for and every door just slams in their face. But they persist, and we love them for their persistence.

We love them for their persistence, but not for the results they never seem to get. As much as they claim they hate fighting, they are addicted to the fight, it gives them the perfect excuse to avoid everything else in life and the perfect justification for never crossing finish lines… I call them the “If Only’s…” And what they never seem to learn – is that once you get the knack of passing by a good fight – it will be like adding jet fuel to your dream.

Remember: “Succeeding and Fighting are not the same thing.” Most people (and nearly all businesses) hate to bother with winning. They want to sit around and think really hard… come up with a brilliant solution or scheme… a way to defeat their foes, overcome their obstacles… and then race with it into first place.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

For most people… their Inner Voice is a faint whisper in the back of their minds… Drown out behind the roar of their every present battle cries of “I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT ABOUT THIS!” Consider that inner voice a muscle that needs a good workout to get strong. And if it’s going to get really strong, it needs extra attention and special nutrition.

Most ALL of the panicked emergencies and do-or-die scenarios people come to me with are a direct result of getting in a No-Win situation by not having listened to that Inner Voice.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #3:

I’ve got news for you, nearly every time there’s a fight, there’s a loser. And nearly every time there’s a loser – No Body Wins. That means that almost every time a dream is set-up as a great big fight, it’s actually a self created No-Win situation. A situation where everyone involved suffers and eventually looses.

One of my favorites…

“If they could just see my point of view…”

Big sigh from my end.

Look, folks, it’s really very simple. If you can find the Win-Win situation, they won’t need to see your point of view. They’ll be on your side because you’re on their side. And if you can’t “find” the Win-Win scenario, then you need to use the mystical “Third Win”…

You don’t “know” what the mystical “Third Win” is? Let’s find out.

So how do you find a Win-Win scenario? We all know the concept, it’s a situation where everyone involved comes out better off then they were before. Then, we position ourselves getting either higher, or lower, or exactly the same as the other person and work with them instead of against them.

Here’s what I have discovered about the Win-Win… First, there is no difference at all between a Win-Lose, and a No-Win situation. Sometimes we think we found a Win-Lose situation where we’re the ones getting the better deal… Never seen it actually play out that way. Every time I see a Win-Lose situation, it always turns out to everyone’s disadvantage. It may not be readily apparent, but in the long run, it seems to always balance back out lower for both people.

Nope Win-Lose is No-Win and should be avoided whenever possible.

Second: Win-Win situations nearly always have a hidden third win. It seems like some sort of natural law that works everywhere in nature, but no one has named it yet. I call it the Law of Confluence.

Let’s look at the classical example of the Racoon and the Apple tree… Apple tree drops and apple, Racoon eats it. Racoon Wins! Racoon goes away and then poops out apple seeds. The seeds are now fertilized and surrounded with nutrients. Ever notice how critters often dig a little hole before they poop, then cover it back up? Ever watch a farmer plant a seed… Identical!!!


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #3:

The seed takes root, and a new apple tree grows. Apple tree wins!!!! Without the Racoon it could have never gotten it’s seeds more then a few feet away, it’s as if the fruit itself is the few for the farmer (Racoon) to go and plant the seeds…

A classic perfect natural example of the Win-Win…

But wait there’s more coming… new Apple tree grows up and a bird plants a nest in it… Bird Wins!!!

Win-Win- Mystical Unrelated Third Win!!!

You can spin that little story a million different ways and find a million different Mysitcal Unrelated Third Wins… Wherever there is a Win-Win scenario, there always seems to be a mystical third win that comes along for the ride…

This is the Law of Confluence in action…

Here’s how you can get it to work for you: By taking advantage of the unconscious discount. Don’t cheat yourself by coming up with dumb Win-Wins where it’s just barely better then break even.

This ain’t an exact science. But that apple tree wants that Racoon to eat those apples… The tree literally drops them on the ground to make it easier for the Racoon… That’s the unconscious discount…

I’m going to let you in a little secret here, that may be a little hard to accept at first. Here it is:

“None of the pieces are missing in the game of life.”

Did you ever play a video game, one of those big adventure kinds with puzzles to solve and such like that? Did you ever notice how all the puzzles are actually solvable? That is to say, those games don’t come with obstacles which cannot be passed, why would they?

The secret is: life is like that too. Everything you need is here for you to discover and make use of… But most people never discover this interesting tidbit… because they are too busy fighting with one another in unending Win-Lose scenarios…


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #3:

But it’s really easy once you get the hang of it. All you need to do is see if you can find the third win and then the win-win scenario will solidify quickly and easily.

Here are two things most people have in common:

Commonality #1: We will do things for others we won’t do for ourselves. This varies in degrees for different people, but for the most part, we will do things for people we care about simply because they ask us to do them… It’s easy to find examples for this (unless you’re still in fighting mode and then you can go ahead and disagree to your heart’s content).

Commonality #2: People are more eager to do things for people they have never met or seen then they are to do things for you. Think about fund raising for a moment – Huge Successful fundraising campaigns are nearly always conducted on behalf of someone rather than by the person themselves. People are more eager to help a starving person 10,000 miles away then feed a homeless person in their own town…

Amazing. But Amazingly true.

Picking a Winning Fight: This is a much more primitive view of the same idea… and I believe I officially named it. In fact, I am officially taking credit for it, as of today and I call it “The Caveman’s Guide to Personal Development”. Cuz that’s pretty much describes me to a tee. I love simple, basic, easy caveman tactics.

It’s very simple. When you want to accomplish anything… just see if you can hitch your boat to a star that’s already shooting!

There’s an old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” There are no rules against thinking “if you can’t join them, ignore them,” you know. You don’t need to try and beat them before you decide to join them, save yourself a ton of time and take the shortcut to the finish line by getting onboard a boat that’s already headed there…

If, for example, you are an alcoholic and you want to get off the booze… You don’t need to prove you can do it better then Alcoholics Anonymous, or prove you can do it yourself… Heck, why not take the easy way, get a massive course on how to do it along with daily support and massive peer group willing to stand by your side through the whole process?

You don’t need to try and beat them, Just Join Em!!!!


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #3:

Join away to your heart’s content. Clubs, forums, support groups, classes, whatever and where ever you can find like minded people headed the same direction as you… Not very elegant, but it works.

Okay, I got a little sidetracked there and I want to make today’s lesson laser focused on the core concept here: which is – “Finding the Mystical Third Win in order to create solid Win-Win Scenarios”…

The simplest way to find the Mystical Third Win is to start using direct results as your guide. Then focus on them…

Wow. I can hear the fight addicts heads exploding all over the world.

But it’s true. ALL of the savvy leaders I know all started with a simple win-win situation, let the mystical third win emerge, then shifted the focus to it and formed tremendously powerful lasting alliances…

They do this because it works like crazy.

So here’s the caveat: You still must have and Excellent Win-Win Scenario in mind.

Which leads us right into our final tip today. Street-savvy hucksters know that no con will work on an honest man. You need greed in order to cheat people. In those 3-card Monte or shell games, the hustler always allows the mark to win at first. Then as the bets get larger and larger the scam plays out… By the time the mark realizes they’ve been cheated, they’ve already lost a pile.

For the rest of us, we honest types, it’s a reminder of the importance of always avoiding Win-Lose situations. Many people are willing to let someone else lose every now and then as long as it ‘teaches them a good lesson’.

Big mistake. A win-lose situation is a Loser for everyone involved… Every time you can find the Win-Win, there is always some sort of mystical 3rd win there… By avoiding a fight you can’t win, you wind up helping people you never even imagined would be influenced by your actions…

But some people still try to get something at others expense. Imagine what it would be like if those Racoons cut down every apple tree they ever ate from… It wouldn’t take long before there was no apples left.


New Thought Practical’s “Strategy School” Mini-Tutorial #3:

That’s it for today.

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See you tomorrow,

Until then,

Know thyself, and to thine own self be cool…


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