Church of Truth

About the Church of Truth

The Church of Truth was founded in 1913 by Albert G

About the Church of Truth:

“The Church of Truth is a Christian Metaphysical Light Center embracing the deeper Teachings of Christ and the Ageless Wisdom of both Eastern and Western traditions. As such, we do not teach from dogma, but rather from the heart of experience. The Lighted Way of The Christ is a two-fold path. The Way of Metaphysics is the Path of the Mind.”

Church of Truth Basic Beliefs:

“Through the understanding, practice and demonstration of Truth Principles, together with the Laws of Mind, we establish within us the Power of Christ Consciousness to heal the appearances of poverty, disease, lack of limitation. The Way of Mysticism is the Path of the Heart. Through daily practice of devotion, meditation, contemplation and virtuous living, we open and prepare ourselves for the Baptism of Fire, that direct experience of God which illumines and reveals the Splendor of Christ within us. Both the Metaphysical and Mystical Paths are indispensable in leading us from the unreal to the REAL!”

Church of Truth Vision:

“We are inclusive community of Christ centered, prosperous healing ministries, which through affirmative prayer and support, empower all people to awaken the Christ within.”


To learn more visit: The Church of Truth - A Center for Awakening Consciousness

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