Church of Divine Science

About the Church of Divine Science

The Church of Divine Science was founded in 1888

Divine Science Statement of Belief:

Life is Continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.
There is only one Power in the Universe, the Power we call God.
There is no evil except that which is man-made.
The normal state of man is abounding health.
The Divine Purpose is to express the Joy of Life.

Divine Science Statement of Being

God is all, both invisible and visible.
One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all.
This One that is all is perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.
Man is the individualized expression of God and is ever one with this
perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.

Fundamental Principles:

The Omnipresence of God: “The foundation truth of Divine Science is that limitless Being, God [Good], is equally present everywhere and is the ALL of everything. God is pure Spirit, absolute, changeless, eternal, manifesting in all creation. ‘God is everywhere, therefore God is here. What God is is everywhere, therefore what God is is here.’–Nona Brooks. The logical conclusion is that there can be no other presence than God-presence; no other power than God-power; no other knowledge than God-knowledge.” —Divine Science Textbook, p. 28

God is Good - Therefore ‘Goodness is Omnipresent’: “Darkness is not a reality, it is merely the absence of light. In the same way when the individual thought is centered upon the omnipresence of good, evil thought does not move out and continue to exist elsewhere; it simply becomes nonexistent. Evil has no reality within itself; it can have existence only so long as an individual supports it by his belief in it.” —Divine Science Textbook, p. 30-31

Fundamental Practice:


Essential Teachings:

  • 1. Omnipresence–the One All, the All One

  • 2. God is Spirit omnipresent: the One Perfect Mind
  • 3. Mind is Intelligence–Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding—evidenced everywhere in Purpose, Law and Order of the Universe.
  • 4. This Spirit, Mind, God—The Omnipresence—is Perfect Substance.
  • 5. Life is the Activity of Omnipresence.
  • 6. Love — conscious unity — is the Nature of Omnipresence, hence the Rule or Law of Action.
  • 7. There is but One Presence and Power in all the Universe — the Good Omnipotent.
  • 8. Life, Intelligence and Substance no only fills All, but is All there is, visible and invisible.
  • 9. Spirit is the Substance of all form. It is the Only Substance. The One Perfect Mind and It manifest is all there is.
  • 10. Humanity is the Expression of God. We are in god, of God, Like God. “That which is born of Spirit is Spirit.” Humanity is therefore, the expression of God-Life, God-Intelligence, and God-Substance.
  • 11. The realization, or consciousness of God’s Presence alone heals. Healing is the awakening of the mentality from a belief in sin and disease to a knowledge of the Truth.
  • 12. Since I accept the Omnipresence without any reserve, there is no place in my thought for anything adverse to God.
  • 13. To know the Truth of my being, I must turn to my Source, which is Perfect.
  • 14. By standing with God. I realize that it is the Father that works through me. I think, speak and live from the God-ward side, and am thus loyal to Truth, positive in my integrity, faithful in every detail, fearless in living the life of Good and speaking the Truth; patient, kind and loving.


To learn more about The Church of Divine Science visit: The Divine Science Website

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