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The Three Schools of New Thought

The phrase ‘New Thought Movement’ was coined about 150 years and has taken root with close to 2,000 centers worldwide and over 100 million people who make New Thought Principles part of their daily lives.

New Thought itself is a massive shift in perspective where original goodness replaces original sin, equal rights for all replaces inequality and slavery, and the human ability to create life as a living dream come true replaces the constraints of birth.

From helping to end slavery to securing women’s right to vote, to passing Global Human Rights Initiatives at the United Nations this obscure ‘mystical’ paradigm has dramatically impacted our way of life on a global scale.

The Three Schools of New Thought

The Movement itself is so large, and so popular that it has given rise to three distinct focuses, or schools of thought. These movements within the movement are totally overlapping, yet capable of being independent each in themselves, they are:

  • New Thought Religious Movement
  • New Thought Scientific Movement
  • New Thought Personal Development / Success Movement

Here at the International New Thought Learning Center we present a pragmatic viewpoint free from any religious or secular affiliations of any kind. We love and support the various religious groups within the movement, but we wanted to create a place these world changing principles could be shared without any overtones or affiliations.

A Pragmatic Approach to Personal Development

Somewhere between the extremes of exacting science and mystical religion resides the largest group of New Thought practitioners, the New Thought Personal Development Movement, also known as the Laws of Success Scientists. For the most part, New Thought Personal Development adheres to one simple rule: “Real world results speak for themselves.”

In simple terms, New Thought Pragmatists make the best use of the principles to experience the best life possible for themselves, their families, and all the people surrounding them. Because the most important result you will ever get is the feeling that comes from a life well lived in sincerity, integrity, and contribution. Riches, health, love all comes naturally and easily once the principle of “Creating the most good for the most people possible” is truly mastered and made use of.

Leaders amongst this set include Napoleon Hill whose 100 million books in print make him the most widely read personal development coach in history. The awakened giant, Anthony Robbins whose Personal Power Coaching program (based on Hill’s work) has made him a worldwide leader in spreading personal empowerment.

Jack Canfield, Deepak Choprah, and Stephen Covey all teach and foster these same core principles as they lead the world of personal development.

Regardless of which schools of Thought best suits you, The International New Thought Learning Center is dedicated to not only making the world a better place, but to also helping you experience just what a wonderful world it already is.

Welcome to the International New Thought Learning Center!

Center Director, M. Daniel Walsh

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